Coaching for companies

I work with people in management and leadership roles within the creative and digital sectors to help them optimise their leadership potential.

  • Are you having trouble retaining staff? Are your team members disengaged and unmotivated?
  • Do your managers need help to have a bigger and more effective impact as leaders within the organisation?
  • Do you have someone transitioning into a new, bigger role? Perhaps moving from specialist to generalist?
  • Are you successful in your role but now wanting to maximise your leadership potential further?
  • Do you need to improve the synergy between individuals in and outside of the team?

I can help

I have 15 years experience working in fast-paced, creative environments working hands on from agency floor to Director Level.

My clients say I am open, non-judgemental, challenging, fun to work with and I get tangible results.

I bring this plus a wide range of accredited coaching tools to build a productive and creative partnership for change.

1-2-1 coaching

We work together to construct a tailored coaching programme to fit your needs whether that is a single person or a whole team.

121 coaching usually spans a period of 4-6 months, beginning with looking at the individual’s development goals and aligning these with the team and organisational strategic goals.

As the coaching progresses, we build the individual’s awareness of their strengths, passions and available resources.

We look at what holds them back and what drives them forward and then we harness the insight gained to create actionable change.

“Over a course of 6 sessions Hayley helped me work on the areas that were obstructing my leadership potential to take Qualifa to the next level of growth and development for myself and the leadership team.

Hayley's instinctive and fearless coaching process helped me see and deal with the limiting beliefs that were holding me and Qualifa back from what I knew the business could, and would deliver in terms of revenue and profit growth but also a top down passion for investment in our people.

I cannot recommend Hayley's coaching approach highly enough, she is a rare and powerful talent.” – Jim Turner, CEO – Qualifa