Hayley is entirely dedicated to each session and I'm always confident that they are very bespoke to each individual’s case. The coaching is formed on a foundation of techniques that are designed to provoke thoughts to discuss the more meaningful reason behind your business aspirations which come from you as a person. I found a refreshing new perspective from Hayley's coaching classes and always felt driven and positive after our sessions.” – LW, Freelance Photographer

The coaching with Hayley has really helped me to understand myself and what was holding me back as well as give me the tools to keep up the changes I have made. With every session I left feeling motivated and optimistic. I truly feel the experience has given me a new outlook and way of dealing with difficult situations which I feel I can maintain after my coaching has finished. Although I was always confident that I would find the coaching beneficial, it has completely exceeded my expectations and I would absolutely recommend Hayley as a coach. I found it easy to open up with Hayley, she makes a very open, non-judgemental space and I’ve really enjoyed the experience.” – NA, Head of Compliance Services

I found Hayley to be an excellent coach. She is both positive and incredibly astute at picking up on subtle clues about what the client is saying (or not saying). She was incredibly supportive towards me and reassured me that anything I was thinking or saying was absolutely fine. The sessions were conducted in a spirit of openness and fun! She is a very inspiring, warm person who is very good at drawing out the best in people. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants to build their self-belief and move forward in life.” – SR, Teacher

Coaching with Hayley opens doors and in the process it lets out the stuff you've got stored that has no place in your life now. It frees you; it gives you that nudge along towards the best version of you and the life you want” – JB, Designer / Maker for TV and Theatre

Being coached by Hayley is like a series of lightbulb moments - which for me have resulted in some quite life changing decisions. Talking to Hayley feels like you're speaking to the wisest, most gentle person you're ever likely to meet, and she is so committed to coaching the best out of you. I felt enormously encouraged by Hayley, and in a time where I was very lost in several areas of my life, that was extremely powerful. Hayley used techniques which did take me completely out of my comfort zone, but also left space just to think, and to be, which was a lovely balance. It's almost difficult to keep track of just how many ways I feel changed, liberated, and able to think more clearly. I can honestly say my coaching journey with Hayley has been life-changing, and I would implore you to start yours.” – LB, Business Owner

When I first contacted Hayley, I was feeling anxious about choices I was making in my career and life, and felt stuck in negative thought and behavioural patterns. I was looking for a coach to help me decide on a direction and to move forward to a better place. Since coaching with Hayley, not only have I achieved this, but I feel in control and at ease with the decisions I am making in my career and life. For me the best tangible result by far is how energy is flowing. Exciting opportunities are coming to me because I am open to them. And in turn, I am in a good position to act upon them. I am enjoying setting goals, working towards them, and reaching them.” – CG, Design Team Lead

I had life coaching from this amazing lady for six months and I can wholeheartedly say she changed my life. Or, we changed my life together, as is the wonder of coaching! She saw my worst and my best, and met me with absolute pure, gentle, but certain passion to dig deep, massively push my comfort zone, cut through the crap and layers and help me pin point exactly what I want to do with my life.” – LB, Business Owner

Hayley agreed to work with me on a one-to-one coaching basis at a time when Qualifa was going through a significant transition and I knew I needed to look outside of myself to be able to adapt and change with the needs of the business but more importantly, to lead it through that change.

I approached Hayley for coaching because I had worked with her in the past and I knew that she had the strength of focus, honesty and compassion I would need to get to the root of what had to change. What I didn't know was how far she had come on her own journey through her coaching experience and it was clear from the first session that her steely and visionary approach was really something quite different.

Over a course of 6 sessions Hayley helped me work on the areas that were obstructing my leadership potential to take Qualifa to the next level of growth and development for myself and the leadership team. Hayley's instinctive and fearless coaching process helped me see and deal with the limiting beliefs that were holding me and Qualifa back from what I knew the business could, and would deliver in terms of revenue and profit growth but also a top down passion for investment in our people.

I cannot recommend Hayley's coaching approach highly enough, she is a rare and powerful talent.” – JT, CEO